Felix A Woodhead

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The HLA class II (DRB1 and DQB1) associations with sarcoidosis have been studied by several groups but often without consistent results. In this paper, we consider the hypothesis that observed inconsistencies relate to distinct, genetically encoded disease phenotypes which differ in prevalence between centres. We therefore typed HLA-DRB1 and DQB1 in 340 UK,(More)
Lung involvement is common in patients who have complications of connective tissue disease (CTDs) and causes considerable morbidity and mortality. High resolution CT (HRCT) has a pivotal role in the detection of lung fibrosis. In patients who have coexistent pathologic processes, HRCT often allows the predominant process to be identified. HRCT has an(More)
A factor, however, that was not directly addressed by Holland et al. [1] was the presentation of ILD in rheumatological patients. Because of locomotor difficulties and muscle weakness, in part associated with corticosteroid use, our experience is that patients often have a lower usual level of exercise than patients without joint disease. By the time they(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate novel systemic sclerosis (SSc) autoantibodies in autoantibody-negative patients and establish clinical associations. METHODS Serum samples and clinical data for 548 patients with SSc were collected. Routine serologic techniques were used to test the serum samples for known SSc autoantibodies, and samples with negative results were(More)
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