Felisa M. Córdova

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Physical exercise is a widely accepted behavioral strategy to enhance overall health, including mental function. However, there is controversial evidence showing brain mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative damage and decreased neurotrophin levels after high-intensity exercise, which presumably worsens cognitive performance. Here we investigated learning and(More)
L-DOPA alleviates the motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but its long-term use is associated with undesirable dyskinesia. We now tested whether exercise can attenuate this L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia (LID). We tested the effects of exercise on LID in 6-hydroxydopamine hydrochloride-hemiparkinsonian mice. Animals were treated with L-DOPA/benserazide(More)
This study presents a comparative analysis of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) integration in two organizations that combine public and private roles: Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) in the European Union (EU) and the Internal Revenue System (IRS) in Chile. The former registers trademarks and designs in the EU, the latter(More)
The study of brain dynamics has been approached from different mathematical strategies with the aim to obtain more information of the bioelectrical signals coming from an electroencephalogram (EEG). Although several of these tools try to conciliate the fact of using linear approaches to study a non-linear phenomenon, during the last years a set of(More)
Correlation analysis allows detecting the degree of relatedness between two variables. Even when correlation does not mean necessarily causation, in a time series, it indicates the degree of synchrony of two comparing variables and in many aspects renders similar information compared with cross-coherence analysis of the electroencephalographic signal. In(More)
In many manufacturing plants, there is a major problem in the internal logistics due to the high number of products, machines, and routes, especially in those manufacturing plants that produce low weight products. For example, a manufacturer of plastic is used as a reference model. In this situation, the final product, storage boxes for home of various(More)