Felipe Vilella

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This article highlights the need for methods to objectively diagnose endometrial receptivity as a factor contributing to infertility in female patients. The correct identification of the appropriate window of implantation in a given patient, by using endometrial receptivity biomarkers, can help to prevent reproductive failure resulting from misplaced timing(More)
A number of bacterial species, mostly proteobacteria, possess monothiol glutaredoxins homologous to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial protein Grx5, which is involved in iron-sulphur cluster synthesis. Phylogenetic profiling is used to predict that bacterial monothiol glutaredoxins also participate in the iron-sulphur cluster (ISC) assembly(More)
miR-30d is known to be up-regulated during the acquisition of receptivity in the endometrium. In order to determine the transcriptomic and proteomic changes which occur after transient overexpression of miR-30d in primary endometrial epithelial cells, in vitro cultured human endometrial epithelial cells (hEECs) were studied experimentally. Two different(More)
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