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Changes in Socioeconomic Inequalities in the Use of Dental Care Following Major Healthcare Reform in Chile, 2004–2009
The study examines changes in the distribution and socioeconomic inequalities of dental care utilization among adults after the major healthcare reform in Chile, 2004–2009. We evaluated theExpand
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The value of a statistical life in Chile
In this article, we estimated the value of a statistical life and the value of a statistical injury (VSI) for Chilean workers using a combination of data from the year 2006 from the Chilean NationalExpand
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Comanagement of small‐scale fisheries and ecosystem services
Marine ecosystem services are in global decline, which requires new transformational changes in governance to cope with multiple anthropogenic stressors. We perform a systematic literature review ofExpand
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Implications of climate change for semi-arid dualistic agriculture: a case study in Central Chile
The nexus between climate change, agriculture, and poverty has become a major topic of concern, especially for dry regions, which represent a large share of the world’s population and ecosystemsExpand
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Functional Forms in Discrete/Continuous Choice Models with General Corner Solutions
Consumer behavior involves two types of decisions. On one hand, people decide which goods to purchase or not purchase; on the other, people decide what quantity to purchase of the commodities theyExpand
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Ocean Acidification, Consumers' Preferences, and Market Adaptation Strategies in the Mussel Aquaculture Industry
Ocean acidification (OA) is one of the largest emerging and significant environmental threats for the aquaculture industry, jeopardizing its role as an alternative for supporting food security.Expand
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Stakeholder perceptions of enhancement opportunities in the Chilean small and medium scale mussel aquaculture industry
Abstract The Chilean mussel aquaculture industry is a prime example of a thriving industry. However, the industry growth rate, aquaculture concessions and market prices have stabilized signalling aExpand
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Dynamic Interactions among Boundaries and the Expansion of Sustainable Aquaculture
Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production system in the world, generating more than half of the global seafood harvested today. These type of activities are crucial to provide keyExpand
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Distributional impacts of climate change on basin communities: an integrated modeling approach
Agriculture is one of the most vulnerable economic sectors to the impacts of climate change, specifically those related with expected changes in water availability. By using a hydro-economic model,Expand
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An analysis of economic incentives to encourage organ donation: evidence from Chile
We perform a cost–benefit analysis on the introduction of monetary incentives for living kidney donations by estimating the compensation that would make an individual indifferent between donating andExpand
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