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E-ticketing systems for public transportation (ESPT) are an integral part of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) which shape the urban environment of the future. The wide deployment of ESPT around the world has proven its success and demonstrated large potential. However, till now the majority of such systems being in operation adhere to the specific(More)
Several well-documented evolutionary processes are known to cause conflict between species-level phylogenies and gene-level phylogenies. Three of the most challenging processes for species tree inference are incomplete lineage sorting, hybridization and gene duplication, which may result in unwarranted comparisons of paralogous genes. Several existing(More)
Although hybridisation through genome duplication is well known, hybridisation without genome duplication (homoploid hybrid speciation, HHS) is not. Few well-documented cases have been reported. A possible instance of HHS in Medicago prostrata Jacq. was suggested previously, based on only two genes and one individual. We tested whether this species was(More)
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