Felipe Silva Ferraz

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Historically, it is well known that issues related to security of software applications are normally omitted by the development teams owing to a lack of expertise or knowledge in security policies. With the emergence of WEB 2.0 applications and technology many systems became to be ported from the original platform to the WEB, making the security flows(More)
It is historically known that extensive phases of rework affect directly both costs and quality of already developed applications. In regard to requirements, systems security figure among those which are left behind, generating undesired steps of reformulation. This article is a short presentation on design patterns and non functional security requirements;(More)
For the first time in the history of humanity, more them half of the population is now living in big cities. This scenario has raised concerns related systems that provide basic services to citizens. Even more, those systems has now the responsibility to empower the citizen with information and values that may aid people on daily decisions, such as related(More)
In terms of storage and processing, is widely known that organizations infrastructure is misused, being idle most of the time. Consequently, there is an emerging need for solutions that take advantages of the idle capacity of this infrastructure. In this context, the P2P architecture proves to be an efficient way to make a good use of this capacity by(More)
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