Felipe Oyarzún

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Previous studies in Santiago, Chile have established that anemia in the earliest stages of pregnancy is a public health issue. The situation in other parts of the country is unknown. The purpose of this study is to establish the prevalence of anemia in pregnant women in the province of Concepcion and evaluate its association with maternal nutricional status(More)
Adults use different processing strategies to work with fractions. Depending on task requirements, they may analyze the fraction components separately (componential processing strategy, CPS) or consider the fraction as a whole (holistic processing strategy, HPS). It is so far unknown what is the brain coordination dynamics underlying these types of fraction(More)
UNLABELLED Public, private not-for-profit (PNFP) and private for-profit (PFP) hospitals may have different behaviour and performance in different indicators such as health outcomes, cost-efficiency and quality. Chile has a mixed healthcare system both in financing and service delivery. The public National Health Fund (Fondo Nacional de Salud) covers 76% of(More)
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