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This paper proposes a methodology to estimate the transmission in underwater environments which consists on an adaptation of the Dark Channel Prior (DCP), a statistical prior based on properties of images obtained in outdoor natural scenes. Our methodology, called Underwater DCP (UDCP), basically considers that the blue and green color channels are the(More)
On Foursquare, one of the currently most popular location-based social networks, users can not only share which places (venues) they visit but also leave short comments (tips) about their previous experiences at specific venues. Tips may provide a valuable feedback for business owners as well as for potential new customers. Sentiment or polarity(More)
A common neural network used for complex data clustering is the Self Organizing Maps(SOM). This algorithm have a expensive training step, that occur mainly on high dimensional applications like image clustering. This makes impossible for some of these applications to be run in real time or even in a feasible time. On this paper we explore the use of GPUs(More)
In location-based social networks, such as Foursquare, users may post tips with their opinions about visited places. Tips may directly impact the behavior of future visitors, providing valuable feedback to business owners. Sentiment or polarity detection has attracted great attention due to its vast applicability in opinion summarization, ranking or(More)
Ubiquitous computing is considered by many the grand challenge of the moment because of the different kinds of computational problems that it presents. Several works to build intelligent ubiquitous environments, that offer interaction with real world devices to the user in a straightforward way, have been proposed. In this work however we present an(More)
In TREC 2016, we focus on tackling the challenges posed by the Dynamic Domain (DD) track. The goal of the TREC DD track is to support research in dynamic, exploratory search within a complex domain. To this end, our participation investigates the suitability of multiple diversification approaches for dynamic information retrieval. In particular , based on(More)
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