Felipe Mathias Schmidt

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Ammonia concentrations in exhaled breath (eNH3) and skin gas of 20 healthy subjects were measured on-line with a commercial cavity ring-down spectrometer and compared to saliva pH and plasma ammonium ion (NH(+)4), urea and creatinine concentrations. Special attention was given to mouth, nose and skin sampling procedures and the accurate quantification of(More)
The hydrogen cyanide (HCN) concentration in exhaled human breath and skin gas samples collected with different sampling techniques was measured using near-infrared cavity ring-down spectroscopy. The median baseline HCN concentrations in samples provided by 19 healthy volunteers 2-4 h after the last meal depended on the employed sampling technique: 6.5 parts(More)
We have measured the acetylene concentration in the exhaled breath of 40 volunteers (31 non-smokers, nine smokers) using near-infrared cavity ring-down spectroscopy. The acetylene levels were found to be the same as in ambient air for non-smokers, whereas elevated levels were observed for smokers. Real-time measurements with sub-second time resolution have(More)
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