Felipe Marjalizo Alonso

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Many characteristics of the South American teleost fish Cichlasoma dimerus (body size, easy breeding, undemanding maintenance) make it amenable to laboratory studies. In the last years, many of the fundamental aspects of its reproductive and developmental biology have been addressed in our laboratory. Rather recently, the immunohistochemical localization of(More)
Virtual camera design is an important but tricky part of creating virtual reality experiences; interaction can feel awkward if the camera is not placed exactly at the user's eyes, but on the other hand a 3rd person perspective (3PP) can provide a better view of the environment and/or the avatar. To inform camera design, we contribute the first study that(More)
Sociobiology, the study of social behavior, calls for a laboratory model with specific requirements. Among the most obvious is the execution of social interactions that need to be readily observable, quantifiable and analyzable. If, in turn, one focuses on the neuroendocrinological basis of social behavior, restrictions grow even tighter. A good laboratory(More)
Tesis de Licenciatura-Diciembre 2011 Comportamiento y Fisiología del Control Social de la Reproducción en Cichlasoma dimerus-1-Los siguientes trabajos fueron realizados durante el desarrollo de la presente tesis de licenciatura: hierarchies and social status ascent opportunity: Anticipatory behavioral and physiological adjustments in a Neotropical cichlid(More)
In this work we characterized the social hierarchy of non-reproductive individuals of Cichlasoma dimerus (Heckel, 1840), independently for both sexes, and its relationship to the opportunity for social status ascent. Female and male individuals who were located on the top rank of the social hierarchy, ascended in social status when the opportunity arose,(More)
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