Felipe Lopes Madruga

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Hypertension is highly prevalent in the very elderly. We studied control rates of hypertension according to clinic blood pressure (BP) and ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) in treated hypertensives aged > or =80 years. PATIENTS AND METHOD Data came from the Spanish Society of Hypertension ABPM Registry (CARDIORISC - MAPAPRES(More)
Process placement is a technique widely used on parallel machines with heterogeneous interconnects to reduce the overall communication time. For instance, two processes which communicate frequently are mapped close to each other. Finding the optimal mapping between threads and cores in a shared-memory environment (for example, OpenMP and Pthreads) is an(More)
Limits of instruction level parallelism and the higher transistor density sustain the increasing need for multiprocessor systems: they are rapidly taking over both general purpose and embedded processor domains. Nowadays, since these processors must handle a wide range of different application classes, there is no consensus over which are the best hardware(More)
Putting performance asymmetric cores inside the same processor can be a good alternative to obtain high performance per area, throughput and single-threaded performance. However, the impact of running parallel applications on this type of machine is not clear, since most of previous work focused on multi-programmed and server workloads where there is low or(More)
Thread level parallelism and multi-core processors are current alternatives to increase performance of generalpurpose applications. In the same way, Networks-on-Chip (NoCs) are the main alternatives for supporting packet throughput for the next generations of many-core processors. NPoC (Network Processor on Chip) is a proposal to increase the performance of(More)
Poor cache memory management can have adverse impact on the overall system performance. In a Chip Multi-Core (CMP) scenario, this effect can be enhanced as every core has a private cache apart from a larger shared cache. Replacement policy plays a key role in managing cache data. So it needs to be extremely efficient in order to extract the maximum(More)
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