Felipe Lara-Rosano

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—Since knowledge in expert system is vague and modified frequently, expert systems are fuzzy and dynamic systems. It is very important to design a dynamic knowledge inference framework which is adjustable according to knowledge variation as human cognition and thinking. Aiming at this object, a generalized fuzzy Petri net model is proposed in this paper, it(More)
Cognitonics is a new science which looks at ways to reconcile human socio-spiritual development with increasingly rapid human intellectual development in the new context of technological advances and increased cultural homogeny. This is particularly relevant in areas such as education and informatics where children are found to be increasingly capable to(More)
Educational institutions have the great challenge and the commitment not only to teach mathematics, science and language. They also must contribute to forming the new citizens. These new citizens should be critical and creative social actors that participate in the construction of better ways of coexistence. In this paper we propose educational strategies(More)
Some of the artificial intelligence (AI) methods could be used to improve the performance of automation systems in manufacturing processes. However, the application of these methods in the industry is not widespread because of the high cost of the experiments with the AI systems applied to the conventional manufacturing systems. To reduce the cost of such(More)