Felipe Lara-Rosano

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Since knowledge in expert system is vague and modified frequently, expert systems are fuzzy and dynamic systems. It is very important to design a dynamic knowledge inference framework which is adjustable according to knowledge variation as human cognition and thinking. Aiming at this object, a generalized fuzzy Petri net model is proposed in this paper, it(More)
Model reference adaptive control (MRAC) is a popular approach to control linear systems, as it is relatively simple to implement. However, the performance of the linear MRAC deteriorates rapidly when the system becomes nonlinear. In this paper, a nonlinear MRAC based on neurofuzzy networks is derived. Neurofuzzy networks are chosen not only because they can(More)
A neuro-fuzzy network predictive approach is introduced to design a control system for nonlinear industrial process. While the nonlinear process is modeled by neuro-fuzzy technique containing local CARMA model, traditional generalized minimum variance predictive control method can be extended to a nonlinear case in a neuro-fuzzy fashion. Boiler steam(More)
Parabolic dish solar concentrators are very expensive devices with a cost of up to a half of the total cost of a solar power station. The specific technology of parabolic mirror manufacturing makes the decrease of the cost very problematic. Even in mass production the cost of a parabolic mirror is estimated as $500 per square meter. There is another way to(More)