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—Since knowledge in expert system is vague and modified frequently, expert systems are fuzzy and dynamic systems. It is very important to design a dynamic knowledge inference framework which is adjustable according to knowledge variation as human cognition and thinking. Aiming at this object, a generalized fuzzy Petri net model is proposed in this paper, it(More)
A neuro-fuzzy network predictive approach is introduced to design a control system for nonlinear industrial process. While the nonlinear process is modeled by neuro-fuzzy technique containing local CARMA model, traditional generalized minimum variance predictive control method can be extended to a nonlinear case in a neuro-fuzzy fashion. Boiler steam(More)
Cognitonics is a new science which looks at ways to reconcile human socio-spiritual development with increasingly rapid human intellectual development in the new context of technological advances and increased cultural homogeny. This is particularly relevant in areas such as education and informatics where children are found to be increasingly capable to(More)
In this paper the electronic circuit implementation of a fuzzy neuron model with a fuzzy Gupta integrator is presented. This neuron model simulates the performance and the fuzzy response of a fast-spiking biological neuron. The fuzzy neuron response is analyzed for two classical (non-fuzzy) input signals, the results are spike trains with relative and(More)