Felipe Jiménez

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The modeling of eco-driving behaviors is a key issue in the research of Intelligent Transportation Systems. Most efforts have been made regarding internal combustion vehicles, and few works have been reported in the field of electric vehicles. On the other hand, these behavior analyses are usually conducted through naturalistic driving researches that(More)
The follow-up of some cardiac diseases may be achieved by ECG-holter record analysis. A heartbeat clustering method can be used to reduce the usually high computational cost of such holter analysis. This study describes a method aimed at cardiac arrhythmia recognition based on this approach, by means of unsupervised inspection of morphologically similar(More)
Among Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) pedestrian detection is a common issue due to the vulnerability of pedestrians in the event of accidents. In the present work, a novel approach for pedestrian detection based on data fusion is presented. Data fusion helps to overcome the limitations inherent to each detection system (computer vision and laser(More)
When it comes to measuring blade-tip clearance or blade-tip timing in turbines, reflective intensity-modulated optical fiber sensors overcome several traditional limitations of capacitive, inductive or discharging probe sensors. This paper presents the signals and results corresponding to the third stage of a multistage turbine rig, obtained from a(More)
The accurate perception of the surroundings of a vehicle has been the subject of study of numerous automotive researchers for many years. Although several projects in this area have been successfully completed, very few prototypes have actually been industrialized and installed in mass produced cars. This indicates that these research efforts must continue(More)
An easy-to-manufacture setup for a displacement sensor based on plastic optical fiber (POF) is analyzed, showing computational and experimental results. If the displacement is the consequence of force or pressure applied to the device, this can be used as a force or pressure transducer. Its principle of operation consists of bending a POF section around a(More)