Felipe Gustavo Gercovich

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The authors conducted a retrospective evaluation of patients younger than 30 years with colorectal carcinoma in Argentina. Patients were divided into group 1 (patients treated at pediatric institutions from 0 to 20 years of age, n = 14) and group 2 (patients from 21 to 30, n = 7, treated at adult centers). Group 1 had significantly more advanced disease and(More)
Soft tissue and bony sarcomas rarely metastasize to the central nervous system, particularly to the cerebral hemispheres. In 456 patients with metastatic sarcoma, only 6 (1.3%) had cerebral metastases documented by brain scan at the time of referral for chemotherapy. Adriamycin-containing combination chemotherapeutic regimens have led to a significant(More)
A rapid method for determining labeling indices in solid tumor specimens, tumor-induced effusions, and tumor-bearing bone marrows was utilized in 116 patients. Of these, 48 patients were studied pre- and postchemotherapy. The magnitude of a significant change in labeling index (LI percent) was determined statistically. Of the 48 patients studied serially,(More)
Stat3 is a signaling node for multiple oncogenic pathways and is therefore frequently active in breast cancer. As experimental and clinical evidence reveals that progestins are key players in controlling mammary gland tumorigenesis, we studied Stat3 participation in this event. We have previously shown that progestins induce Stat3Tyr705 phosphorylation and(More)
Invasive apocrine carcinoma (IAC) of the breast has a similar prognosis to infiltrating ductal carcinoma not otherwise specified (IDC-NOS). The existence of a pure IAC subtype (PIAC) and its possible prognostic implications have not been fully investigated. To this end, pathological inclusion criteria for the diagnosis of PIAC were defined and three(More)
The diagnosis and successful control of systemic Aspergillus niger infection in 2 adult patients with acute leukemia is reported. During induction therapy, the first patient developed pulmonary infiltrates, skin lesions and abnormal liver function tests. Aspergillus niger was found on skin and liver biopsy. This patient was successfully treated with(More)
PURPOSE Although trastuzumab administration improved the outcome of HER2-positive breast cancer patients, resistance events hamper its clinical benefits. We demonstrated that TNFα stimulation in vitro induces trastuzumab resistance in HER2-positive breast cancer cell lines. Here, we explored the mechanism of TNFα-induced trastuzumab resistance and the(More)
16027 Background: As a result of the improvement in oncological treatments, MPCA could arise as a more frequent problem in Public Health. The purpose of this retrospective review was to estimate both the incidence and medical features of MPCA pts treated at the Instituto Oncológico Henry Moore (IOHM). METHODS We analyzed 17,100 medical charts from our(More)
The effects of active specific immunization with nonirradiated autologous and irradiated cultured allogeneic melanoma tumor cells (TC) on cell-associated immunity was studied in 11 patients with widespread malignant melanoma receiving chemoimmunotherapy. Immunization with 1 X 10(6)-8 X 10(7) TC was done in the draining area of a BCG scarification on day 7(More)
6591 Background: The medical care of oncological patients is a multidisciplinary task. The nurse is a key member of the team. The aim of this study is to analyze the incidence rate and the type of intravenous chemotherapy prescription errors detected by the nurses in the the ambulatory setting at the IOHM in a 3 months period. METHODS The intravenous(More)