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Efficient venom delivery systems are known to occur only in varanoid lizards and advanced colubroidean snakes among squamate reptiles. Although components of these venomous systems might have been present in a common ancestor, the two lineages independently evolved strikingly different venom gland systems. In snakes, venom is produced exclusively by serous(More)
Potamitesflavogularis sp. nov. is described from the Napo and Tungurahua Provinces around 1800 m elevation in eastern Ecuador. The new species is closely related, sibling, and sympatric to Potamites cochranae to which it has been previously confused. It is characterized by the absence of isolated basal flounces of spines and presence of calcareous spinules(More)
De Rose believed more than me in my work, and it enabled several positive results. Prof. Buyya kindly received me in his CLOUDS Lab. I learned a lot with his character and experience in research and coordination of a big research laboratory. I'm very grateful to my friend Marco Aurélio Stelmar Netto. He dedicated a lot of his time enabling my visit to(More)
Fifteen well-defined strains of Aeromonas of thirteen species were analyzed by SDS protein electrophoretic analysis (SDS-PAGE) and random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis (RAPD). The comparison between the patterns obtained by both methods allowed differentiating all the strains. Clusters formed by the unweighted pair group method with arithmetic averages(More)
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