Felipe Gómez-Caballero

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This paper presents a novel approach to identify and/or verify persons by using three-dimensional dynamic and structural features extracted from human motion depicted on image streams. These features are extracted from body landmarks which are detected and tracked when the person is asked to perform specific movements, representing the dynamics of specific(More)
This paper proposes and explores a novel approach to express emotions in cyberworlds through a flock of virtual beings. Emotions are represented in terms of the arousal and valence dimensions and they are visually expressed in a simple way through the behaviour and appearance of the individuals in the flock. In particular, the arousal value parameterizes(More)
We propose a person verification method using behavioral patterns of human upper body motion. Behavioral patterns are represented by three-dimensional features obtained from a time-of-flight camera. We take a statistical approach to model the behavioral patterns using Gaussian mixture models (GMM) and support vector machines. We employ the maximum(More)
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