Felipe Delgado

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Let a finite group G act on the complex plane (C 2 , 0). We consider multi-index filtrations on the spaces of germs of holomorphic functions of two variables equivariant with respect to 1-dimensional representations of the group G defined by components of a modification of the complex plane C 2 at the origin or by branches of a G-invariant plane curve(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the perception of the quality of life in oral health based on the Health-Related Quality of Life instrument in its Spanish version (HRQOL-sp) in Chilean patients with third molar extraction surgery. PATIENTS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study. The HRQOL-sp was administered to dental patients at the Public Hospital in Rio Bueno in(More)
The equivariant with respect to a finite group action Poincaré series of a collection of r valuations was defined earlier as a power series in r variables with the coefficients from a modification of the Burnside ring of the group. Here we show that (modulo simple exceptions) the equivariant Poincaré series determines the equivariant topology of the(More)
BACKGROUND Dislocation and leg length discrepancy are major complications following total hip arthroplasty (THA). Many surgical approaches for THA have been described, but none suggest a capsular incision that assures good exposure while maintaining adequate capsule integrity in closure. PURPOSES Modified anterolateral approach for stable hip (MAASH) is a(More)
The target of this paper is to evaluate the importance of Impedanciometry in a protocol with transient evoked otoacoustic emissions on high risk infant hearing screening. We used tympanometry and stapedious reflex only when otoacoustic emissions became altered. This method try to decrease the impact in this test caused for middle ear diseases. We realized(More)
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