Felipe Csaszar

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It has long been argued that the organizational structure and reporting relationships of the IT functional area profoundly affects organizational performance. However, since most of the evidence is anecdotal, and even rigorous econometric analysis cannot show causality or substitute for controlled experimentation, normative prescriptions have been(More)
as well as for the research assistance of Cécile Girardon. The authors also appreciate the insightful and constructive comments of the editor Will Mitchell and the reviewers. Vanneste gratefully acknowledges financial support from the INSEAD Alumni Fund. A Working Paper is the author's intellectual property. It is intended as a means to promote research to(More)
Abstraet-A model for computer assisted mediation and its application to the field of special education for blind children is presented. The model consists of five elements: the domain model, the student model, the pedagogical model, and the dynamic and static projection of learning. The system, based on stored expert knowledge, guides the child in what he(More)
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