Felipe Cid Burgos

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— Facial expressions and speech are elements that provide emotional information about the user through multiple communication channels. In this paper, a novel multimodal emotion recognition system based on visual and auditory information processing is proposed. The proposed approach is used in real affective human robot communication in order to estimate(More)
— In this article the different decision-making that were followed in the design of the expressive robotic head Muecas are explained. Muecas is a system with a human-caricatured shape, equipped with a pair of robotic eyes, eyebrows, neck and mouth. The main goal in the design was to provide the robot with basic skills for an affective human-robot(More)
Facial expressions are a rich source of communicative information about human behavior and emotion. This paper presents a real-time system for recognition and imitation of facial expressions in the context of affective Human Robot Interaction. The proposed method achieves a fast and robust facial feature extraction based on consecutively applying filters to(More)
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