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Aim Tropical forests store 25% of global carbon and harbour 96% of the world's tree species, but it is not clear whether this high biodiversity matters for carbon storage. Few studies have teased apart the relative importance of forest attributes and environmental drivers for ecosystem functioning, and no such study exists for the tropics. Methods We relate(More)
BACKGROUND Behavioral and psychological symptoms in dementia (BPSD) contribute to caregiver burden and institutionalization of elderly. Neuroleptics are prescribed to control agitation. Side effects of typical neuroleptics are harmful, making atypical neuroleptics an indication. OBJECTIVES To evaluate efficacy and tolerability of risperidone oral solution(More)
We subjected seedlings from three tree species from the semi-arid “Caatinga” biome to water deficiency and rehydration. The species were Bauhinia monandra K. and Hymenaea courbaril L., (both Fabaceae), and Tabebuia aurea (Bignoniaceae). Seedlings were kept under water restriction until photosynthesis decreased to values around zero. Plants were rehydrated(More)
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