Felipe Azevedo Borges

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The objective of this study was to determine the kinetic parameters of a new formulation that contained 2.25% ivermectin combined with 1.25% abamectin in bovine plasma. The results for 2.25% ivermectin: Cmax (37.11 ng/mL +/- 7.42), Tmax (16 days +/- 5.29), T(1/2) (44.62 days +/- 53.89), AUC (928.2 ng x day/mL +/- 153.83) and MRT (36.73 days +/- 33.64), and(More)
In this paper, a novel solid state Nitric Oxide (NO) sensor made of a spin trap (iron(II)-diethyldithiocarbamate complex, FeDETC) encapsulated in a siloxane-poly(oxypropylene) (PPO) matrix was developed. Nitric oxide (NO), a free radical molecule, has numerous roles in various physiological functions, such as the regulation of blood pressure, immune(More)
The present work aimed to evaluate the endectocide activity of a new injectable long-action formulation, containing ivermectin (IVM) and abamectin (ABA). In each one of the four experiments performed, the following groups were formed: group I: 2.25% IVM (450 microg/kg)+1.25% ABA (250 microg/kg), group II: 3.15% IVM (630 microg/kg) and group III: control.(More)
Natural rubber latex (NRL) is a flexible biomembrane that possesses angiogenic properties and has recently been used for guided bone regeneration, enhancing healing without fibrous tissue, allergies or rejection. Calcium phosphate (Ca/P) ceramics have chemical, biological, and mechanical properties similar to mineral phase of bone, and ability to bond to(More)
The demand for biomaterials with properties that provide sustained release of substances with pharmacological interest is constant. One candidate for applications in this area is the Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) extracted from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. Recent studies indicate the NRL as a matrix for sustained release, showing promising results for(More)
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