Felipe Andrade Allemand Borges

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The present work aimed to evaluate the endectocide activity of a new injectable long-action formulation, containing ivermectin (IVM) and abamectin (ABA). In each one of the four experiments performed, the following groups were formed: group I: 2.25% IVM (450 microg/kg)+1.25% ABA (250 microg/kg), group II: 3.15% IVM (630 microg/kg) and group III: control.(More)
The objective of this study was to determine the kinetic parameters of a new formulation that contained 2.25% ivermectin combined with 1.25% abamectin in bovine plasma. The results for 2.25% ivermectin: Cmax (37.11 ng/mL +/- 7.42), Tmax (16 days +/- 5.29), T(1/2) (44.62 days +/- 53.89), AUC (928.2 ng x day/mL +/- 153.83) and MRT (36.73 days +/- 33.64), and(More)
Battery charging and State-Of-Charge management is one of the main relevant issues for developing mobile autonomous robots. This paper presents a complete development of an battery charger for an autonomous mobile robot and a discussion of SOC estimation models. Initially a charger prototype, based on a Half-Bridge DC-DC converter, was developed and tested.(More)
In the mobile robotic systems a precise estimate of the robot pose (Cartesian [x y] position plus orientation angle θ) with the intention of the path planning optimization is essential for the correct performance, on the part of the robots, for tasks that are destined to it, especially when intention is for mobile robot autonomous navigation. This work uses(More)
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