Felipe Albrecht

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Epigenome mapping consortia are generating resources of tremendous value for studying epigenetic regulation. To maximize their utility and impact, new tools are needed that facilitate interactive analysis of epigenome datasets. Here we describe EpiExplorer, a web tool for exploring genome and epigenome data on a genomic scale. We demonstrate EpiExplorer's(More)
Before an object-based image classification can be used, one has to evaluate if it qualifies for its designated purpose, because uncertainty occurs in the complex process of object-based image analysis (OBIA). The range of potential OBIA applications produces objects of a variety of conceptualisations that require a flexible validation concept based on the(More)
Large amounts of epigenomic data are generated under the umbrella of the International Human Epigenome Consortium, which aims to establish 1000 reference epigenomes within the next few years. These data have the potential to unravel the complexity of epigenomic regulation. However, their effective use is hindered by the lack of flexible and easy-to-use(More)
The search for similar genetic sequences is one of the main bioin-formatics tasks. The genetic sequences data banks are growing exponentially and the searching techniques that use linear time are not capable to do the search in the required time anymore. Another problem is that the clock speed of the modern processors are not growing as it did before,(More)
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