Felicity L. Sanders

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Rats exposed for 5 min to a phobic stimulus (the odor of a cat) had plasma corticosterone concentrations significantly higher than those exposed to a neutral odor and than a group remaining undisturbed in the animal house. During the first exposure to cat odor the increased corticosterone was related to the avoidance behavior, measured as the time spent(More)
Rats given one or two 5-min trials in the elevated plus-maze had plasma corticosterone concentrations significantly higher than the home cage control group and there was no sign of habituation in the group given two trials. In rats given two plus-maze trials the corticosterone responses were significantly higher in the group given 10-min rather than 5-min(More)
In this study, 236 heavy-drinking college students completed measures of self-efficacy for limiting drinking, specific coping skills for limiting drinking, outcome expectancies associated both with expected effects of drinking and expected effects of limiting drinking, and retrospective drinking behavior. Confirmatory factor analyses were conducted to(More)
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