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Structure-activity relationship studies of phenanthridine-based Bcl-XL inhibitors.
Despite their structural similarities, the natural products chelerythrine ( 5) and sanguinarine ( 6) target different binding sites on the pro-survival Bcl-X L protein. This paper details theExpand
Concise formal total synthesis of hybocarpone and related naturally occurring naphthazarins.
A concise formal total synthesis of the cytotoxic bisnaphthazarin derivative hybocarpone has been completed through the development of routes to the synthetic precursor,Expand
Total synthesis of (+/-)-cordypyridones A and B and related epimers.
Efficient racemic synthesis of two antibacterial and antimalarial natural products, cordypyridones A and B, was achieved from inexpensive, commercially available starting materials in an overallExpand
An expedient and efficient synthetic route to some naturally occurring polyfunctional naphthazarins
Abstract A concise and versatile route to functionalised naphthazarins via 1,3,4,5,6,8-hexamethoxynaphthalene is described and is illustrated with the synthesis of three natural products,Expand
Mononuclear gold(I) complex of a chiral tetra(tertiary phosphine). Crystal and molecular structure of
A mononuclear tetra(tertiary phosphine)gold(I) complex has been isolated via the reaction of (RP*,RP*)-1,2-bis[(2-dimethylphosphinophenyl)methylphosphino]benzene, (RP*,RP*)-TPP4, with NBun4[AuI2] inExpand
Personal Perspectives: Australians on the Singapore Chemistry Scene
The Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES) was one of the corporate sponsors at the RACI Connect 2005 Convention. Its Australian researchers share their perspectives on working andExpand
The syntheses of naturally occurring naphthazarins
Over the past decades, many naturally occurring naphthoquinones have been shown to display biological behaviour. The synthesis of functionalised naphthoquinones, therefore, poses an interestingExpand