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Determination of race (ancestry) is an important step in the identification of individuals in forensic cases. Race is most commonly assessed using cranial traits. Few reliable postcranial indicators are known. In this study, the frequency of bifidity of cervical spinous processes at different vertebral levels was examined in a sample of 359 Americans of(More)
OBJECTIVE The current study aimed to develop a model of patients' preferences for involvement in decision-making concerning the use of medicines for chronic conditions in the UK and test it in a large representative sample of patients with one of two clinical conditions. METHODS Following a structured literature review, an instrument was developed which(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the evidence regarding the potential of pharmacy services to play an enhanced role in contributing to health care and policy initiatives in low- and middle-income countries. METHODS Literature search, using computer and hand searching, to identify original research reporting the results of interventions to improve services from(More)
An improved technique, viz., maceration with cellulase and pectinase, was applied in order to obtain chromosome preparations of botanical material suitable for fluorescence microscopy. The application of this method to Petunia hybrida allows the individual distinction of all chromosomes in mitosis. The following three criteria are required for this(More)
It is widely believed that pharmacists could make a greater contribution to the provision of primary health care, especially in developing countries. Particular strengths of pharmacy services commonly cited include their accessibility within many communities and the opportunities for advising on the management of health problems. The potential for pharmacy(More)
A semi-structured interview guide was used to interview 17 parents of children with cystic fibrosis identified through a shared care patient database at a London hospital to examine parents' medication-related roles and problems. Parents described their responsibilities in the home and the problems experienced, including adherence to regiments, involvement(More)
INTRODUCTION Type 1 diabetes (T1D) in children and adolescents is increasing worldwide with a particular increase in children <5 years. Fewer than 1 in 6 children and adolescents achieve recommended glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) values. METHODS A pragmatic, cluster-randomized controlled trial assessed the efficacy of a clinic-based structured educational(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine medication-related problems from the perspective of patients with a chronic condition and to identify how they may be supported in managing their medication. METHODS Patients prescribed medication for cardiovascular disease were recruited through five general medical surgeries and four community pharmacies in south London. Data were(More)
KIT expression is a key diagnostic feature of gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs), and virtually all of the GISTs express oncogenic forms of the KIT or PDGFRA receptor tyrosine kinase proteins, which serve as therapeutic targets of imatinib mesylate (Gleevec; Novartis, Basel, Switzerland). However, KIT expression can be low in PDGFRA-mutant GISTs,(More)
The UK Government has highlighted the need to develop appropriate information and support services for informal carers. Previous research that has investigated informal caring has found that managing medication is one aspect of the caring role that presents its own problems; however, these have not been subject to detailed examination. The objective of the(More)