Felicity Evans

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The reporter bacterium, Pseudomonas fluorescens HK44 (HK44), was characterized in an immobilized state to investigate utility for deployment as a remote sensor in the subsurface. A packed-bed reactor with alginate-immobilized HK44 simulated hydrodynamic conditions such as might be found in a subsurface environment. The reporter bacterium, HK44, harbors a(More)
The leaves of Monechma ciliatum were found to contain alkaloids, glycosides, proteins, tannins and saponins. The hot methanol extract (HME) of the leaves, previously found to have potent oxytocic effect in various species was fractionated in various solvents and the fractions analysed chemically and also assayed on the rat uterus in an attempt to identify(More)
Genital asymmetry is relatively common and widespread throughout the animal kingdom. The functional significance of genital asymmetry is however, poorly understood for most species. Male praying mantids of the genus Ciulfina are remarkable in possessing complex and directionally asymmetric genital phallomeres in some species, and chirally(More)
The hot methanol extract (HME) of Monechma ciliatum which has been reported to have potent oxytocic activity was purified by fractionation in an attempt to isolate the oxytocic principle. Thin layer analysis indicated that the oxytocic fraction was very polar. A positive reaction with ninhydrin-spray suggested that it is an amino acid/protein. Repeated(More)