Felicitas Brömmel

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A tetra(aniline)-based cationic amphiphile, TANI-NHC(O)C5H10N(CH3)3(+)Br(-) (TANI-PTAB) was synthesized, and its emeraldine base (EB) state was found to self-assemble into nanowires in aqueous solution. The observed self-assembly is described by an isodesmic model, as shown by temperature-dependent UV-vis investigations. Linear dichroism (LD) studies,(More)
We present studies on bulk smectic-A copolymer networks with end-on attached homeotropically oriented mesogens that show spontaneous optical biaxiality at room temperature. Orthoscopic and conoscopic investigations under uniaxial extension in the layer planes give first evidence of the orientability of the minor director in mechanical fields yielding(More)
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