Felicita Scapini

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Within the framework of the MEDCORE project on the ecology and management of Mediterranean coastal areas we decided to include the local dissemination of scientific results in Tunisia. The involvement of a local public school, and the joint work of local teachers and of local and international researchers, was chosen as a dissemination method because of the(More)
The analysis of animal movements may help to understand orientation strategies. While there have been many studies on sandhoppers' orientation mechanisms through the analysis of their orientation angles, no attempts have been made to analyze individual tracks under (varying) natural conditions. The species Talitrus saltator (Montagu, 1808) has the ability(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Ghar El Melh is a shallow lagoon (average depth of 0.8 m) that has undergone a eutrophication process due to growing human pressures. To obtain a global frame of the ecosystem functioning, an optical and an ecological classification were used in parallel. Downwelling and upwelling spectral irradiances were measured in situ in 22(More)
The expression of biological rhythms was investigated in five populations of three different species of talitrid amphipods from various habitats in the Maremma Regional Park, Grosseto, Italy: Talitrus saltator (from a sandy beach and a canal), Orchestia montagui (form a Posidonia banquette), and O. gammarellus (from a cave entrance and a river bank).(More)
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