Felicita Jirillo

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Substantial experimental data suggest that tumour progression is associated with angiogenesis and that increase in microvessel density (MVD) is associated with increase in mast cells density (MCD). Dog mast cell tumour (MCT) is common in dog with an incidence much higher than that found in human and in both species several common biological and clinical(More)
The in vitro effects of goat's milk from different sources (Jonica, Saanen, and Priska breeds plus a commercial preparation) on healthy human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were evaluated in terms of nitric oxide (NO) and cytokine release. According to the incubation time (24 h or 48 h) used all milks could induce release of NO from monocytes.(More)
Evidence has been provided that red wine possesses antiatherogenic activities in virtue of its content in polyphenols (flavonoids and non-flavonoids substances). Here, some red wines (Negroamaro, Primitivo and Lambrusco) were tested for their ability to trigger nitric oxide (NO) production from human healthy peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).(More)
Donkey's milk is the best substitute of human milk for its content in lactose, proteins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Here, we have evaluated the effects of colostrum and milk from donkeys (Martina Franca breed) on the function of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) at different intervals from lactation. Colostrum induced more IgA(More)
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are produced during oxidative metabolism, and regulate many biological processes. The acute inflammation characterizing parturition induces many physiological changes. Among them, there is evidence that ROS affect the synthesis of many factors involved in parturition. Our study aims to determine serum levels of ROS in(More)
Nowadays, donkey's and goat's milk consumption has been reevaluated for its potential benefits to human health. For example, in infants with intolerance to cow's milk, donkey's milk represents a good alternative due to its chemical characteristics similar to those of human milk. On the other hand, goat's milk in virtue of its higher content in short chain,(More)
Pre-, pro-, and symbiotics are endowed with a broad spectrum of beneficial effects when administered to animals and humans. A series of experimental and clinical studies have clearly demonstrated that prebiotics, probiotics, or their combination are very effective in attenuating chronic inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease or obesity.(More)
Erythrocytes from the rainbow trout Salmo gairdneri Richardson (Salmo g.R.) were classified into immature and mature populations, respectively, by measuring longitudinal diameters. More elongated fish erythrocytes (FE), classified as mature cells, were those interacting with Candida albicans (CA) in a higher frequency in terms of either binding to the(More)
The environmental impact as well as malnutrition are responsible for an increased incidence of inflammatory diseases with a consequential loss of immune homeostasis. Therefore, administration of nutraceuticals is aimed at reconstituting the immune balance in terms of the so-called immune nutrition. Among many known nutraceuticals, more recently, donkey's(More)
It is well known that following surgical procedures, a variety of patho-physiological alterations occurs in the host, such as changes in haemodynamic, endocrine and immune functions, as well as increase in Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Antibiotic administration, a common practice used in surgery, affects immune functions and ROS generation. Our study was(More)