Feliciano Villar

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AIM To explore and compare the views of both staff and residents about barriers to sexual expression in residential aged care facilities. BACKGROUND Although remaining sexually active in older age helps to preserve and promote well-being, the percentage of sexually active persons living in residential aged care facilities is low. Previous research has(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate factorial and content validity of the 9-item per dimension Ryff's Scale of Psychological Well-being in a sample of older Spanish adults. The scale is made up of six subscales: Self-acceptance, Environmental mastery, Positive relations with others, Autonomy, Personal growth, and Purpose in life. After translating(More)
Two studies were designed to develop and obtain information about the psychometric properties of a shortened 54-item, Spanish version of Ryff's Scales of Psychological Well-being adapted to older people. In Study 1, 267 older people completed the scales, and data were submitted to a principal components analysis. Then, 22 items were selected and grouped(More)
BACKGROUND This study explores whether staff perceptions and reactions to sexual situations involving one or two persons with dementia (PWD) reflect an extreme cautionary stance (an overprotective and paternalist style) or a person-centered model of care (focusing on understanding the residents' perspective and their rights). METHOD Fifty-three staff(More)
The study aims to examine how grandchildren perceive their grandparents who suffer from dementia. Grandchildren living in Barcelona, Spain, participated in the study (n=145). The data, based on qualitative information extracted from three incomplete questions (referring to the grandparent's best and worst qualities, and to the best memory that the(More)
BACKGROUND The study is aimed at developing a new measure devised to evaluate gains associated with caregiving for a person with dementia. METHODS We conducted two studies with Spanish informal caregivers. In Study 1 a total of 152 participants responded to a preliminary set of 62 items referred to gains related with caregiving. After exploring their(More)
This study is aimed at exploring daily and desired activity patterns in a sample of older people, as well as at examining some influence factors and their relationships to life satisfaction. Our sample was made of 154 retired people living in urban areas and whose age was greater than 60 years old. Data about activities were gathered by means of an(More)
The goals of this study were to determine the learning impact of an assignment that consisted of interviewing and analyzing older people's life stories, and to explore how the assignment was evaluated by students. Participants in the study were 122 first-year social education students enrolled in an adult development and aging course. They evaluated the(More)
This study aimed to investigate and compare the reactions of staff and residents of residential aged care facilities (RACFs) toward male-female sexual intercourse taking place in a private space within the facility. A total of 53 professionals and 47 residents from five RACFs located in Catalonia, Spain, were asked to reflect upon what they would think and(More)