Felicia Wright

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The present study examined whether benzodiazepine (BZ) intake alters performance and selected hormonal and metabolic variables during submaximal exercise. Seven triathletes completed two cycling trials at 85% maximum O2 uptake starting 3 h after an ingestion of either a placebo (PLA) of gelatin or BZ (1.5 mg lorazepam) and continuing until exhaustion,(More)
The aim of this investigation was to evaluate the urinary profile of androgen metabolites during menstrual cycle in both young-trained female athletes, and young sedentary women, not presenting any pathological signs. Urines were collected for 24 hours (08 : 00 a. m. the first day to 08 : 00 a. m. the second day) from all sportive and sedentary subjects.(More)
A Cryptosporidium parvum lambda gt11 expression library was constructed using EcoRI-digested genomic DNA extracted from in vitro-excysted oocysts. Screening of this library with rat anti-Cryptosporidium antiserum led to the isolation of a clone containing a 2359-bp EcoRI fragment. When this fragment was ligated into the EcoRI site of plasmid vector pMS1S,(More)
Initial results from a study of five small ovine listeriosis outbreaks in Scotland in 1989 to 1991 are presented. Forty-eight isolates including three from silage were typed at 10 polymorphic enzyme loci by using multilocus enzyme electrophoresis resulting in the identification of 12 electrophoretic types. Phylogenetic analysis partitioned the 12(More)
The morphological changes of the spinal cord associated with inco-ordination in the horse were studied by FRASER and PALMERS. Lesions were basically of 2 types : malacic and non-malacic, the former being associated with severe pressure on the cord. In the latter there was no apparent pressure on the cord and animals showing this type of lesion were defined(More)
In recent years, laparoscopic surgery has become a matter of growing interest. It has been shown that laparoscopic colectomy is well tolerated and safe for benign disease. However, there is some uncertainty about using this method for malignant disease when curative resection is the aim. These uncertainties mainly consist of spread of cancer to port site,(More)