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Shoot organogenesis was successfully achieved in petiole explants excised from 6 to 8-week old in vitro plantlets of yam Dioscorea rotundata P. cv. Kponan fissa, Dioscorea cayenensis L. cv. Krengle IB14 and cv. Krengle IB35, and Dioscorea alata L. cv. Bete bete. Only the basipetal portion of the petiole acquired competence, and plants regenerated within 21(More)
Two methods were used to produce yam minitubers from two different yam cultivars (cv. Krengle and cv. Kponan) using in vitro culture techniques. Method 1: Yam microtubers were first initiated in vitro and then transplanted to soil to generate plants from which minitubers were produced. Yam plants were obtained either by directly planting the microtubers to(More)
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