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Using an interference paradigm, we show across three experiments that adults' order judgments of numbers, sizes, or combined area of dots in pairs of arrays occur spontaneously and automatically, but at different speeds and levels of accuracy. Experiment 1 used circles whose sizes varied between but not within arrays. Variation in circle size interfered(More)
Number terms and quantifiers share a range of linguistic (syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic) properties. On the basis of these similarities, one might expect these 2 classes of linguistic expression to pose similar problems to children acquiring language. We report here the results of an experiment that explicitly compared the acquisition of numerical(More)
Both computerized and traditional instruction programs dedicated to remediating language for people with autism emphasize single word picture associations or scripted responses to question prompts. We propose that software should focus on the production of fully compositional phrases. Other desirable qualities in language CAIs for autism are discussed and(More)
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