Felicia Ferguson

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OBJECTIVES Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) are frequently encountered in epilepsy monitoring units (EMU) and can result in significant long-term disability. We reviewed our experience with veterans undergoing seizure evaluation in the EMU to determine the time delay to diagnosis of PNES, the frequency of PNES, and cumulative antiepileptic drug(More)
This study examined the influence of sex differences and knee joint position on the effectiveness of isometric electrical stimulation in improving isometric and isokinetic strength. Twenty-seven females and 28 male subjects were assigned to either a control group (C) that received no electrical stimulation, to an experimental group that received stimulation(More)
In all of 12 patients with chronic liver disease, whose platelet dynamics were investigated by the 51Cr-labelling technique in association with surface counting, platelet survival was reduced and in 11 the splenic platelet pool was increased. Surface counting showed high initial spleen liver ratios in eight patients, and in four there was evidence of(More)
THE purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the existence of an atypical variety of Leber's disease, wherein positive neurological signs were present in addition to the optic atrophy. Since the publication of Leber's original paper' in 1871, we have been accustomed to regard the form of optic atrophy which bears his name as a pure clinical entity(More)