Felice M. Roberts

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This paper introduces a novel approach to the analysis and classification of time series signals using statistical models of reconstructed phase spaces. With sufficient dimension, such reconstructed phase spaces are, with probability one, guaranteed to be topologically equivalent to the state dynamics of the generating system, and, therefore, may contain(More)
Changes in the normal rhythmicity of a human heart may result in different cardiac arrhythmias, which may be immediately fatal or cause irreparable damage to the heart when sustained over long periods of time. The ability to automatically identify arrhythmias from ECG recordings is important for clinical diagnosis and treatment, as well as, for(More)
The mechanism by which Rh immunization is prevented by IgG anti-D was investigated by studying the specificity of immunosuppression. 62 D-negative Kell(K)-negative male volunteers were given two successive stimuli of 1 ml D-positive K-positive red cells. Thirty-one of the volunteers were also given 13-14 mug of IgG anti-K immediately after each stimulus,(More)
The synthesis of the pyrimidinyl amino acids willardiine and isowillardiine was studied in vivo and in vitro. Uracil derivatives stimulate the biosynthesis of both compounds; the free base is the most effective. Significant incorporation of [2-(14)C]uracil and [6-(14)C]orotate into willardiine and isowillardiine was found. Incorporation of [6-(14)C]orotate(More)
A cell-free system obtained from tissue cultures of Andrographis paniculata produces 2-trans,6-trans-farnesol (trans,trans-farnesol) and 2-cis,6-trans-farnesol (cis,trans-farnesol) (5:1), incorporating 10% of the radioactivity from 3R-[2-(14)C]mevalonate. There is total loss of (3)H from 3RS-[2-(14)C,(4S)-4-(3)H(1)]mevalonate and total retention from the(More)