Felice Gesuele

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The increasing global trend of obesity is a fundamental contributor to the growing prevalence of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of medical abnormalities including impaired glucose and lipid metabolism, obesity and hypertension. Results from animal and human investigations have shown that early life stress can result in weight gain and metabolic changes. Our(More)
BACKGROUND Early adverse experiences such as sexual, verbal, or physical abuse and parental neglect have been associated with a higher risk of weight or eating problems in adulthood, and death or prolonged separation from parents during childhood has been implicated as a correlate of adult psychiatric disorders that are widely represented in obese subjects(More)
OBJECTIVES To test the hypothesis that the premorbid overactivity previously described in subjects with fibromyalgia is a core feature of the manic/hypomanic symptoms characterising bipolar spectrum disorders. METHODS 110 consecutive patients with fibromyalgia were assessed for bipolar spectrum disorders using both categorical and dimensional approaches.(More)
Oriented antibodies are tethered on the gold surface of a quartz crystal microbalance through the photonics immobilization technique so that limit of detection as low as 50 nM and 140 nM are achieved for parathion and patulin, respectively. To make these small analytes detectable by the microbalance, they have been weighed down through a "sandwich protocol"(More)
We report on the real-space observation of resonant frequency splitting in a high-Q waveguide-coupled silicon-on-insulator microdisk resonator. Phase sensitive near-field analysis reveals the stationary nature of the two resonant states, and spectral investigations clearly show their orthogonality. These measurements emphasize the role of the coupling(More)
We demonstrate exceptionally large modulation of PL intensity in hierarchical titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanostructures exposed to molecular oxygen (O2). Optical responsivities up to about 1100% at 20% O2 concentrations are observed in hyperbranched anatase-phase hierarchical structures, outperforming those obtainable by commercial TiO2 nanopowders (up to a(More)
A hallmark to decipher bioprocesses is to characterize protein–protein interactions in living cells. To do this, the development of innovative methodologies, which do not alter proteins and their natural environment, is particularly needed. Here, we report a method (LUCK, Laser UV Cross-linKing) to in vivo cross-link proteins by UV-laser irradiation of(More)
Interactions between biomolecules and between substrates and biomolecules is a crucial issue in physics and applications to topics such as biotechnology and organic electronics. The efficiency of bio- and mechanical sensors, of organic electronics systems, and of a number of other devices critically depends on how molecules are deposited on a surface so(More)
A strategy is reported for the controlled assembly of organic-inorganic heterostructures consisting of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) selectively coupled to single semiconductor quantum dots (QDs). The assembly in aqueous solution was controlled towards the formation of monofunctionalized SWCNT-QD structures. Photoluminescence studies in(More)
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