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Broad spectrum primers were used to amplify a fragment comprising the CP gene and putative ORF6 by RT-PCR from ds-RNA templates originating from 46 Portuguese varieties, totalling 190 samples, including some wild Vitis ssp sylvestris vines, and 2 vines from Slovenia. SSCP analysis was used as a preliminary screen to avoid cloning and sequencing very similar(More)
Twelve new sequences of the coat protein gene of Prune dwarf virus (PDV) variants, obtained from almond trees, are presented. Comparison with previously reported sequences of the same region, obtained from other hosts (plum, cherry and peach) revealed not only the existence of a wider range of variants of PDV than formerly predicted, but also the frequent(More)
In this study, we address the involvement of T. citricida in strain segregation and genetic bottleneck events by comparing the nucleotide diversity of CTV coat protein (CP) gene variants present in field-grown trees with that of variants retrieved from single apterous aphids. Plant material and aphids were collected in orange orchards in the northern part(More)
Carbon storage is one of the several important functions of shrub communities in terrestrial ecosystems and could represent an effective way to mitigate climate change. Accordingly, biomass carbon (above and belowground), litter carbon, and soil organic carbon (SOC) were studied in three shrub species: Cistus ladanifer (C. ladanifer), Cytisus multiflorus(More)
In many applications to biophysics and environmental engineering, sedimentation of non-spherical particles for example: ellipsoids, is an important problem. In our work, we simulate the dynamics of oblate ellipsoids under gravity. We study the settling velocity and the average orientation of the ellipsoids as a function of volume fraction. We see that the(More)
Soil loss rates currently recorded in forests are very low. Nevertheless, that may not be the case during stand installation and early tree growth stage, when soil is disturbed and scarcely covered. Site preparation techniques, performed to improve soil conditions for plant growth, should help reducing this erosion potential. In this study, several site(More)
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