Feizhen Li

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This study was performed to investigate the removal of phosphate from domestic wastewater using a modified steel slag as the adsorbent. The adsorption effects of alkalinity, salt, water, and thermal modification were investigated. The results showed that thermal activation at 800°C for 1 hr was the optimum operation to improve the adsorption capacity. The(More)
Article history: Received 17 July 2014 Revised 23 September 2014 Accepted 29 September 2014 Available online 10 March 2015 We studied the dynamics of mercury (Hg) transfer in Phaseolus vulgaris plants grown in soil with Hg-doped compost at the maximum levels permitted by Colombian law on organic amendments. Quantitative evaluation of transfer wasmade in(More)
The harvesting of Chlorella vulgaris was investigated by magnetic flocculation, where the natural magnetite was used as magnetic seeds and the polyaluminium chloride (PACl) and polyacrylamide (PAM) were used as the coating polymer on the Fe3O4 surface. The composite modes of PACl, PAM, and Fe3O4 and their effects on harvesting were studied. The results(More)
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