Feiyue Wang

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BACKGROUND A community in northern Italy was previously reported to have an excess incidence of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis among residents exposed to high levels of inorganic selenium in their drinking water. METHODS To assess the extent to which such association persisted in the decade following its initial observation, we conducted a population-based(More)
A capacitive position measurement interface minimizes noise from parasitics in the electromechanical interface and uses correlated double sampling to achieve better than 10-3 Å/√Hz displacement resolution. This translates into 2µG/√Hz acceleration resolution when the device is operated in a vacuum.
Missing data are a major practical challenge to infectious disease informatics research and practice. In particular, despite the best data collection efforts, information concerning contact-based infections can be significantly under-reported in epidemiological surveys and interviews. In this paper, we experiment with a number of computational techniques to(More)
In this work, we took the analysis of neural interaction based on the data recorded from the motor cortex of a monkey, when it was trained to complete multi-targets reach-to-grasp tasks. As a recently proved effective tool, Dynamic Bayesian Network (DBN) was applied to model and infer interactions of dependence between neurons. In the results, the gained(More)
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