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Genetic algorithm (GA) is a kind of method to simulate the natural evolvement process to search the optimal solution, and the algorithm can be evolved by four operations including coding, selecting, crossing and variation. The particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a kind of optimization tool based on iteration, and the particle has not only global searching(More)
This paper presents an economic-based resource allocation algorithm - mix optimization algorithm to meet user requirements in proportional resource sharing grid environment. The mix optimization algorithm is targeted to minimize two objectives, i.e., competing users 'processing cost and competing users' executing time with budget and deadline constraints,(More)
This study's objective is to solve mining knowledge issue from different sources of distributed, formatted or unformatted data with diverse data semantics. The issue is formulated as data mining in knowledge grid. In particular, this paper presented a DM-GRID (data mining in grid) model based on software architecture of a novel infrastructure for(More)
In this paper, the mining of single-dimensional association rule and non-repetitive predicate multi-dimensional association rule were integrated. We proposed an algorithm for mining of hybrid-dimensional association rule using a data cube structure. Preliminary result shows that when the number of tuples is large, the algorithm is efficient.
Because the computational complexity of high usability analysis is too high when selecting the routing protocol in the bank network plan, a simple measurement method of high usability for banks is proposed to solve this problem in the article. First, establish a simulation environment which is close to the real network of banks to offer the measurement(More)
Conditional distribution reflects the dependency link among random variables, but two-dimensional random variables Conditional Distribution has some limitations. In order to rich the content of conditional distribution this paper gives the extension of conditional distribution and examples in the case of continuous random variables. For the given definition(More)
This study's objective is to solve visualization problem of hierarchical structure for the index. The problem is formulated as determining the midpoint of the memory function and constructing the circulation modules. The time complexity of visualization algorithm is analyzed with the way of incremental expression. Through using the MATLAB to draw(More)
This study's objective is to solve the dynamic linkages and mechanism problem between exchange rates and stock prices. This paper examines the relationship between RMB-Dollar exchange rates and 5 market indexes and 19 industrial indexes of China stock market by cointegration test and Granger causality test. The empirical results show a significant long-term(More)
A new edge detection method (CEED(Contrast Enhancement Edge Detection)) using neighborhood contrast is proposed in this paper, which does not utilize template operator. The edge detection frame for contrast enhancement is established and the corresponding algorithm is given. After defining the contrast evaluation function and edge structure candidate set,(More)
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