Feixiong Luo

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Characterizing human mobility patterns is essential for understanding human behaviors and the interactions with socioeconomic and natural environment, and plays a critical role in public health, urban planning, transportation engineering and related fields. With the widespread of location-aware mobile devices and continuing advancement of Web 2.0(More)
To cite this Article Luo, Feixiong , Zhong, Ershun , Cheng, Junlai and Huang, Yuefeng(2011) 'VGIS-COLLIDE: an effective collision detection algorithm for multiple objects in virtual geographic information system', International Journal of Digital Earth, 4: 1, 65 — 77, First published on: 02 July 2010 (iFirst) To link to this Article: DOI:(More)
Humans spend most of their life in indoor spaces. As indoor spaces are becoming increasingly complex, there are compelling needs for efficient indoor GIS and navigation systems. For indoor navigations, numerous geometric network models have been proposed as navigable spatial models for 3D indoor environments in the past decade. Most of the existing(More)
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