Feixiang Zhang

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Spectrum sharing between primary users (PUs) and secondary users (SUs) can be realized using economic approaches. In this paper, we propose a method for multiple PUs to share with multiple SUs different idle channels in overlapped licensed areas. Due to the fluctuations of supply and demand in different areas, the SUs are grouped according to their(More)
The performance of a fuzzy-based jitter management algorithm for voice streams is evaluated. The algorithm is implemented at the destination node without considering any information from the source or the network. The algorithm predicts the amount of destination buffering time required to keep the gap probability and display latency at a reasonable level.(More)
Applying ray tracing method to radio propagation prediction in 3-D restricted spaces is challenging, not only because of the stringent requirement on precision, but also due to the explosive computation amount with tiny improvement in accuracy. In this paper, a unique algorithm for propagation prediction with transmission and reflection in restricted spaces(More)
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