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PURPOSE To report the results of a technique of soft tissue stabilization for palmar midcarpal instability using a palmaris longus graft. METHODS In patients' symptomatic wrists with palmar midcarpal instability that had failed conservative management, we used a dorsal approach and stabilized the hamate and triquetrum by reconstructing the dorsal(More)
Transport assessment plays a vital role in urban planning and traffic control, which are influenced by multi-faceted traffic factors involving road infrastructure and traffic flow. Conventional solutions can hardly meet the requirements and expectations of domain experts. In this paper we present a data-driven solution by leveraging a visual analysis system(More)
Monitoring a computing cluster requires collecting and understanding log data generated at the core, computer, and cluster levels at run time. Visualizing the log data of a computing cluster is a challenging problem due to the complexity of the underlying dataset: it is streaming, hierarchical, heterogeneous, and multi-sourced. This paper presents an(More)
Exploring multivariate spatial data attracts much attention in the visualization community. The main challenge lies in that automatic analysis techniques is insufficient in discovering complicated patterns with the perspective of human beings, while visualization techniques are incapable of accurately identifying the features of interest. This paper(More)
Scapula fractures following low-velocity injuries are extremely rare but can be a missed associated fracture of other upper limb injuries. We describe the case of a patient who sustained a fracture of the scapula through an unusual and hitherto unreported indirect mechanism. The injury was associated with a radial head fracture and initially missed on(More)
BACKGROUND Metacarpal fractures are common, accounting for 40 % of all hand injuries. The use of plates for the fixation of these fractures allows early aggressive hand therapy post-operatively, reducing post-operative stiffness. Traditionally, bicortical fixation is the standard practice, where both dorsal and palmar cortices of the metacarpal are drilled(More)
Urban data is massive, heterogeneous, and spatio-temporal, posing a substantial challenge for visualization and analysis. In this paper, we design and implement a novel visual analytics approach, Visual Analyzer for Urban Data (VAUD), that supports the visualization, querying, and exploration of urban data. Our approach allows for cross-domain correlation(More)
The Radiology report is the fundamental means by which radiologists communicate with clinicians and patients. The traditional method of generating reports is time consuming and expensive. Recent advances in computer hardware and software technology have improved Speech Recognition systems used for radiology reporting. In this paper, we design a continuous(More)