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A series of bis(arylidene)cycloalkanone photosensitizers modified by polyethylene glycol (PEG) have been studied for two-photon excited photodynamic therapy (2PE-PDT). As compared with their prototype compounds, these PEGylated photosensitizers show enhanced water solubilities while their photophysical and photochemical properties, including linear(More)
Triethylene glycol functionalized coumarin derivatives 1-5 were synthesized and investigated as photosensitizers for one- and two-photon excited photodynamic therapy (PDT). Their absorption, fluorescence, triplet-state quantum yields, and singlet oxygen quantum yields were found to be significantly related to the substituent at the 7-position of the(More)
Sulfonamide drugs which have brought about an antibiotic revolution in medicine are associated with a wide range of biological activities. We have synthesized a series of α-tolylsulfonamide, 1-11 and their substituted N,N-diethyl-2-(phenylmethylsulfonamido) alkanamide derivatives, 12-22 in improved and excellent yields in aqueous medium at room temperature(More)
A series of polyethylene glycol-functionalized benzylidene cyclopentanone dyes with varying lipid/water partition coefficients were synthesized in high yields by a simple process. Detailed characterization and systematic studies of these molecules, including linear and nonlinear photophysical properties, reactive oxygen yields, and in vitro photodynamic(More)
A series of N,N-diethyl-3-substituted-2-(4-methylphenylsulfonamido)alkanamides (8a-k) and their arylsulfonamide precursors (7a-k) have been synthesized via facile approach. The chemical structures of the synthesized compounds were confirmed by analytical data and spectroscopic means. The in vitro antibacterial screening of these compounds along with(More)
A novel liquid dye 2-((2E,5E)-2,5-bis(4-(methyl(2,5, 8,11-tetraoxatridecan-13-yl)amino)benzylidene)cyclopentylidene) malononitrile (TO-BDCM) was synthesized by incorporating two oligo(ethenyl glycol) groups into the backbone of a prototype malononitrile derivative (BDCM) for the purpose of increasing its solubility in organic solvents. The nonlinear(More)
Stimuli-responsive, well-defined diblock copolymers (PEG-b-PADMO) comprising poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG, DP (degree of polymerization)=45) as the hydrophilic and temperature-sensitive part and poly(N-acryloyl-2,2-dimethyl-1,3-oxazolidine) (PADMO, DP=18-47) as the hydrophobic and acid-labile part self-assembled in water into spherical micelles with high(More)
An highly expeditious synthetic approach for the synthesis of benzenemethanesulfonamides (1a-k) and their new corresponding N,N-diethyl substituted amido moieties (2a-k) has been achieved in aqueous medium at room temperature. The reaction condition was thoroughly optimized thereby allowing significant rate enhancement and resulting into excellent yields.(More)
One- and two-photon photophysical and photochemical properties of dyes 3-DAC and 4-DAC containing coumarin and benzylidene cyclopentanone moieties were studied. Their ground state configurations were optimized using both Hartree-Fock and density functional theory (B3LYP functional) methods, and excited-state properties were calculated using time-dependent(More)