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An integrated system based on video surveillance is presented for automatic fire detection and suppression. The system is composed of two modules, including fire detection and fire suppression. The fire detection module makes full use of traditional CCD cameras for fire recognition. Some spatio-temporal features, such as color and motion, are extracted to(More)
It is a challenging task to recognize smoke from visual scenes due to large variations in the color, texture, shapes of smoke. To improve detection accuracy, we propose a novel feature extraction method by encoding high order directional derivatives at each pixel. We first quantize the directional derivatives into ternary values to generate Local Ternary(More)
Vision based fire detection has many advantages over traditional methods. In vision based fire detection approaches, it is required that systems must have enough robustness and be insensitive to environment. We mainly take advantage of mixture Gaussian model and frame difference techniques to adaptively extract a background image from image sequences(More)
In this paper, a fast graphics process unit (GPU) based ray casting algorithm is presented to improve image quality. A linear interpolation is used to estimate the intersection between a ray and isosurfaces. Thus, resampling artefacts is greatly reduced and the performance is not influenced. An iterative estimation is presented to further improve image(More)
It is difficult to build an accurate and smooth liver vessel model due to the tiny size, noise, and n-furcations of vessels. To overcome these problems, we propose an n-furcation vessel tree modeling method. In this method, given a segmented volume and a point indicating the root of the vessels, centerlines and cross-sectional contours of the vessels are(More)