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Industrial wireless sensor networks (IWSNs) are committed to bring the industry automation into the era of Industry 4.0 by providing the ubiquitous perception to improve the production efficiency. However, the proliferation of wireless devices in industrial applications makes the spectrum sharing in limited industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band a(More)
By researching the enterprise manufacturing logistics system, the model of it is established based on the multi-agent. The model has eight agents including process agent, transition agent, parts agent, etc. The process agent is the most important agent in the model, so the key point is to introduce the mathematical model of process agent based on arithmetic(More)
This abstract outlines current developments of a micro-assembly facility focusing on studies using a three fingered gripper. Individual fingers of the gripper comprise thin fibers ranging in diameter from 7 to 80 µm that are attached to quartz based oscillators and are capable of sensing proximity, contact, and controlling adhesion forces. To optimize(More)
Due to the limited generation, finite inertia, and distributed structure, microgrid suffers from large frequency and voltage deviation which can lead to system collapse. Thus, reliable load shedding method to keep frequency stable is required. Wireless network, benefiting from high flexibility and low deployment cost, is considered as the promising(More)
We present the design and operation of a novel instrument for the simultaneous three-dimensional measurements of localized properties using optical and mechanical probes. In this instrument the mechanical and optical probes are stationary relative to the instrument frame while the specimen can be navigated in three-dimensional space in the probing field,(More)