Feilong Deng

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Researchers in our laboratory have previously shown that ghrelin, a gastric peptide hormone, may regulate mesenchymal cell differentiation into adipocytes and myocytes. Here we show that ghrelin promotes osteogenesis of intramembranous bone and improves the repair of calvarial bone defects in rats. Rats with a 9 mm full-thickness calvarial bone defect(More)
Much research has focused on developing vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) delivery systems to enhance angiogenesis in wound repair and in tissue engineering. Collagen can be used as a delivery system because of its biocompatibility, but its fast degradation rate and limited affinity with growth factors are disadvantageous for maintaining a(More)
In RNA-Seq studies, there are still many challenges for reliably assembling transcripts. Both genome-guided and de novo methods always produce too many false transcripts because of known and unknown factors. Therefore, the postassembly quality filtering is necessary before performing downstream analyses. Here, we present an automatic and efficient tool of(More)
The transcript assembly is essential for transcriptome studies trom next-generation sequencing data. However, there are still many faults of algorithms in the present assemblers, which should be largely improved in the future. According to the requirement of reference genome or not, the transcript assembly could be classified into the genome-guided and de(More)
There has been considerable focus in investigations on the delivery systems and clinical applications of bone morphogenetic protein‑2 (BMP‑2) for novel bone formation. However, current delivery systems require high levels of BMP‑2 to exert a biological function. There are several concerns in using of high levels of BMP‑2, including safety and the high cost(More)
Clustering of 16s rRNA amplicon sequences into operational taxonomic units (OTUs) is the most common bioinformatics pipeline for investigating microbial community by high-throughput sequencing technologies. However, the existing algorithms of OTUs clustering still remain to be improved at reliability. Here we propose an improved method (bioOTU) that first(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of the novel nanopore Ti surface and amine-terminated Ti surface on peri-implant bone formation and bone-implant bonding strength in a rabbit tibiae model. Characterization of the modified Ti surface, such as root-mean square roughness, contact angle, and surface energy was evaluated using scanning electron(More)
Owing to wide application of RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) technology, more and more eukaryotic genomes have been extensively annotated, such as the gene structure, alternative splicing, and noncoding loci. Annotation information of genome is prevalently stored as plain text in General Feature Format (GFF), which could be hundreds or thousands Mb in size.(More)
Due to the phenotype-based artificial selection in domestic cattle, the underlying functional genes may be indirectly selected and show decreasing diversity in theory. The growth hormone receptor (GHR) gene has been widely proposed to significantly associate with critical economic traits in cattle. In the present study, we comparatively studied the genetic(More)
Collagen scaffolds are frequently employed for applications in regenerative medicine. In previous studies, we affirmed that Traut's reagent (2-Iminothiolane hydrochloride) and Sulfo-SMCC (4-(N-Maleimidomethyl) cyclohexane-1-carboxylic acid 3-sulpho-N-hydroxysuccinimide ester sodium salt) could covalently bind growth factors on collagen scaffolds. We also(More)