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In this evidence-based case report, we studied the clinical question: Is a positive family history of acute otitis media (AOM) predictive for recurrent acute otitis media (rAOM) in children between zero and two years of age? The search yielded 3178 articles, of which only two were relevant and had a high validity regarding our clinical question. Neither of(More)
Physicians have many information needs that arise at the point of care yet go unmet for a variety of reasons, including uncertainty about which information resources to select. In this study, we aimed to identify the various types of physician information needs and how these needs relate to physicians' use of the database PubMed and the evidence summary(More)
BACKGROUND Electronic health records (EHRs) are increasingly available and this was expected to reduce healthcare costs and medical errors. This promise has not been realized because healthcare professionals are unable to use EHRs in a manner that contributes to significant improvements in care, i.e. meaningful. Policymakers now acknowledge that training(More)
OBJECTIVE to make an inventory of the opinions and attitudes of the Dutch female population (aged 45-65) and their partners on the climacteric period. DESIGN Data were collected as part of a weekly computer assisted questionnaire filled in by a representative panel composed of 234 women aged 45-65 and their partners. SETTING A random sample of the(More)
AIMS Educating physicians in the procedural as well as cognitive skills of information technology (IT)-mediated medication management could be one of the missing links for the improvement of patient safety. We aimed to compose a framework of tasks that need to be addressed to optimize medication management in outpatient care. METHODS Formal task analysis:(More)
BACKGROUND Using information technology for medication management is an opportunity to help physicians to improve the quality of their documentation and communication and ultimately to improve patient care and patient safety. Physician education is necessary to take full advantage of information technology systems. In this trial, we seek to determine the(More)
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