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Introduction: As a solution to evaluate multiple input multiple output (MIMO) device performance in realistic conditions in the lab, MIMO over the air (OTA) testing has attracted huge interest from both industry and academia, see e.g. [1]. One promising candidate is the multi-probe based anechoic chamber method. Several papers have discussed OTA testing(More)
There has been greatly increased interest in using embedded vision for aquatic environments. This paper presents a robust target tracking method for a free-swimming biomimetic robotic fish by means of embedded vision and central pattern generator (CPG)-based motion control. Specifically, an algorithm called automatic continuous adaptive mean shift(More)
Biomimetic robotic fish has the distinct advantage of efficient propulsion and high maneuverability over conventional underwater vehicles. This paper addresses the underwater target search issue in a free-swimming robotic fish with embedded vision. In particular, we use the stored original image to acquire the color characteristics of the target and propose(More)
Implementing automatic visual tracking for underwater robots often remains a great challenge. In this paper, we demonstrate an active visual tracking case with a free-swimming robotic fish by use of a combination of TI DM3730-centered embedded hardware and software. Specifically, automatic recognition algorithms mainly involving color-based identification(More)
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